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Wooden Hangers for Sale

Wooden Hangers for Sale

Our wooden hangers are mainly made with oak, beech, maple, and lotus wood. wooden hangers for coats, baby wooden hangers, wooden hangers for pants, etc, are all here for your choice. Logo printing, hangers styles customized services are offered.
Plastic Hangers for Sale

Plastic Hangers for Sale

Hangermart's plastic hangers have the best wholesale prices in the market. Plastic hangers are made with eco friendly fine plastic PP material. Our plastic hangers include plastic hangers for pants, plastic hangers for coats, plastic hangers for suits, baby plastic hangers. Hangers wholesalers and distributors, are welcome to talk with us.
Metal Hangers for Sale

Metal Hangers for Sale

Hangermart’s metal hangers are different from regular metal hangers . All our metal hangers are with Chrome wire which has high standard quality.
Velvet Hangers for sale

Velvet Hangers for sale

Hangermart velvet hangers are made with PP material with electric coating. Various colors velvet hangers are supplied. Our velvet hangers are good for all kinds of clothes display. 10pcs bulk hangers/package and package could be also customized.

Hangermart.com supplies one stop service for our clients who are looking for hangers.

Here you could have different kinds of hangers with different material. Wooden hangers, metal hangers, plastic pp material hangers, velvet hangers, satin padded hangers, fabric coated hangers,etc.

Hangermart as a hangers factory, we could offer our clients customized services such as logo printing, shape design, and other kinds of OEM and ODM service.

For all kinds of hangers accessories, such as hanger hooks, non_rubber,hanger shoulder protective covers.

Contact hangermart to have your own hangers for your stores, your home.

Welcome to be our hangers wholesalers and distributors in your countries.

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